In our country machinery industry depends on what gain user's trust?

- May 21, 2018 -

Reinforced cement block machine, hydraulic device system is the latest structure design was optimized by using computer, three beam four-post type structure, simple, economic and practical. The hydraulic control USES the cartridge valve integrated system, reliable operation, long service life, small hydraulic impact, reduce the straight pipe and the leak point. Independent electrical control system, reliable operation, intuitive, maintenance aspects. Adopt centralized control buttons, three operation modes of adjustment, manual and semi-automatic. Through the selection of operation panel, which can realize the fixed distance and constant pressure two molding process, and have confirmed when rolling, etc. Used in building block consumption growth at the same time, the customer needs

More dramatically lower costs, the production of cement block, due to the noise of the machinery operation problem, often need to build in a remote suburb, coupled with high transportation, for the enterprise production costs has increased a lot. The noise makes cement reinforced cushion block factory cannot settle around the city. And the birth of the static block machine is completely solved this problem. Static block machine in the process of operation, low noise, stable and reliable work, for the user to save more production cost. Static block machine forming large tonnage, it reduces the block forming after the coagulation time, reduce the usage of plate. All of our welding technology are out of the ordinary welder

Change into carbon dioxide protection welding machine, understand welding all know, the welder welding cost is high, the high price is generally used in special welding such as welding gas pipelines, ships, oil tank for extreme objects, but the welding steel breaking joint of the products will not open welding, this is his excellence perfect. Because of its high cost of using wire and ordinary electrode is different so few companies will use, otherwise the costs are greatly improved. People will buy good quality equipment, similar to the example of this is our factory also has a lot of, we are in constant progress, continuous development, hope my cement reinforced cushion block function bring good for the consumers

Our factory has always adopted advanced welding technology, and the production of cement reinforced concrete block machine is durable, and has been well received by all the families.

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