How to reduce wear in the use of block machine tool?

- Feb 02, 2018 -

The block machine is a kind of machine that produces cement block and cement support bar.

When using a pad machine to produce cement blocks, the model is used to help more standardized production of high quality cement blocks.

Because the production strength of the block machine is very high, when the model is used, it is very easy to wear the problem, so how to reduce the wear of the mold?

Let me introduce you.

When the working temperature of the molds is high, the hardness and strength will be reduced, which will cause the die to wear out or be deformed by plastic deformation.

Therefore, the die data of the block machine should have high anti-tempering stability, so as to ensure that the mould has higher hardness and strength at operating temperature.

When the blank is plastic in the mold cavity, the surface of the cavity is both active and sliding, which causes a sharp friction between the appearance of the cavity and the blank, and then causes the mold to become invalid due to wear.

So the wearability of the data is one of the most basic and important functions of the mould.

Hardness is the primary factor that affects wear resistance.

In general, the higher the hardness of the mould parts, the smaller the wear, and the better wear resistance.

Wear resistance is also related to the variety, quantity, shape, size and dispersion of the carbide.

Most of the working conditions of the block machine die are very bad, some of which bear a large impact load, and then cause brittle cracking.

In order to prevent the mold parts from breaking suddenly in the operation, the mold should have high strength and patience.

The mold's tolerance depends on the carbon content, grain size and arrangement of the data.

In the process of mold operation, under the long-term effect of cyclic stress, fatigue cracking is usually caused.

Its method has small energy repeatedly concussion fatigue crack, stretch fatigue crack to touch fatigue crack and winding fatigue crack.

The fatigue cracking function of the mould depends on its strength, patience, hardness, and the content of the inclusions in it.

Some mould such as plastic mold in the job, because there are a chlorine, fluorine plastic guess elements, such as thermal decomposition after separation of HCI, strong erosion gas, such as HF erosion mold cavity appearance, increase the surface roughness, and increase the wear failure.

To reduce the wear of the block machine model, the maintenance method of the block machine model is also needed to prolong the service life of the model.

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