How to prevent rust from the mould of the brick machine?

- Jan 11, 2018 -

Baking-free brick machine equipment in industrial production plays a very important role, because of its good performance is favored by more and more people, but many people don't know baking-free brick machine mould is easy to rust, once the rust will affect the efficiency of production and processing, so we must do the antirust processing, regularly work so as to ensure normal production.

So what should we do to prevent rust?

The following is the introduction of the equipment factory.

Methods that are widely used in the polishing machine is used for grinding processing, if the customers do not polishing machine, abrasive paper can be used for grinding, it is also able to get rid of rust, if it is weld in some corner, compare the difficulty of polishing, can use thinner, namely remove paint, spraying for processing, then automatically dry, dry after mold must prevent dry ventilated place, and avoid damp and get wet in the rain, conditional customers can again surface coating a layer of paint protection.

And the customer's blender, the code brick machine and so on a series of equipment is also very afraid of wet, also should be handled regularly to the rust.

We found that not only baking-free brick machine mold, many machines are very easy to rust, so relevant staff should be on a regular basis when using antirust processing, in order to guarantee the normal operation of the machinery and equipment, prolong the service life of the machine at the same time, so as to increase economic benefits of the industry.

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