How to maintain the block machine?

- Feb 01, 2018 -

The block machine is a special equipment for producing cement blocks, and the block function produced by the machinery factory in qing dynasty is used to produce various types of cement blocks, long strips, stirrups and so on.

The production environment of the block machine is very bad, so we need to carry out the system maintenance and maintenance tools for the block machine after using the block machine. The specific maintenance method is as follows:

1. The padding machine can be added after normal operation, and the feeding material should be even, so as to prevent the mixing of hard objects.

2. When checking whether the fasteners are loose, the pressure plate screws of the pressing plate on both sides of the rotor should be inspected.

3. It is necessary to stop the feeding before the machine is down, and the material in the machine is broken and then the motor power is cut off.

4. When the pressure plate is loose, the two ends of the board are exposed to the rotor body, which is damaged by the collision with the body;

5, when the board hammer wear due to need to adjust the 180 ° when used again, should make every board hammer weight and balance, to prevent counterattack broken start after vibration

6. When the particle size of the cement block machine is too large, it should be stopped to check the wear of the board hammer to prevent the rotor from being worn out.

7. After repairing or adjusting the discharge port, the cement block machine should first use the manual rotation rotor to confirm that the rotor and other parts have no friction and jam and can rotate flexibly;

8. Always check whether the bearing seat seal is good. The grease in the bearing seat should be added every month, and all oil and oil should be cleaned and replaced every three months.

Block machine maintenance method is to introduce you to them and if you want to block machine use longer, completes the maintenance work is very necessary, hope we can help you to introduce the maintenance method.


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