General introduction of brick - free brick machine

- Mar 05, 2018 -

The use of the brick - free brick machine is more and more extensive, the technology is advanced and the automation is high.

It is the main machinery of brick making industry.

Let's talk more about the brick - free brick machine.

Baking-free brick machine is mainly used for fly ash, river sand, the sand, sand, mineral powder, slag, stone powder, coal cinder, coal gangue, slag, chemical residue, etc as main raw materials to add a certain proportion of cement or lime cementitious materials such as brick forming technology.

According to the mold different can be pressed the appearance is standard brick, porous brick, blind hole brick, hollow brick, road brick and special demand brick class;

According to the later maintenance process, it can be divided into natural curing bricks and steamed bricks (steamed bricks).

It is an environment-friendly wall material processing equipment which is in line with the national industrial policy and the reform of the new type of wall wall materials.

The main features are: the transmission part is completely sealed, automatic oil supply, circulation lubrication, do not need manual oil filling.

The rotary tie rod is separated from the gear body so that the crankshaft gear pair is completely sealed.

Pressure piston multiple dustproof, seal, pressure feed lubrication.

The top plug is made of spherical tile.

The seasoning mechanism adopts worm and worm gear to make the seasoning easy and reliable.

This machine adopts high speed flywheel energy storage, small motor power, high pressure, brick forming.

Completely sealed, plunger oil pump pressure oil supply, circulation lubrication, complete machine structure compact and reasonable, efficient energy saving, novel advanced, beautiful appearance, operation, maintenance convenient, safe and reliable.

All the technical and economic indicators are the advanced level of the same type, which is the user's preferred model.

The equipment is a one-way pressure mechanical type [2].

The press brick mechanism is the crank connecting rod mechanism.

It is mainly composed of decelerating transmission mechanism, forming mechanism, seasoning mechanism, feeding mechanism, lubricating mechanism and electric control system.

The eight equal parts of the brick cavity are arranged on the rotary table, and the rotary disk is rotating counterclockwise in the middle vertical shaft under the action of eccentric pull rod.

Decelerate transmission mechanism, pressing molding mechanism, seasoning mechanism, feeding mechanism, rotary table, track, rotary mechanism, lubricating system and electric control system are all fixed on the stand.

The above is the introduction of the free brick machine, we want to know more about our company production of the brick machine can contact our factory.


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