Daily maintenance of peanut picker

- Mar 26, 2018 -

The wide application of peanut picker has a great influence on the harvest of fruit, and it has got rid of the traditional harvest form and improved the efficiency of collection.

Peanut picker is an important symbol for the early realization of agricultural mechanization process, so how can the peanut picker maintain the life span?

We introduce the knowledge of peanut picker in qingzhong machinery factory.

First of all, regular check peanut picker, each component of the peanut picker periodic inspection, if the natural badly worn parts must be replaced, we should try to be in a timely manner to eliminate various safe hidden trouble of the machine, prolong the service life of peanut picker.

Secondly, it can lubricate the equipment of peanut picking machine on time and add lubricating oil regularly, which can effectively slow down the wear of the machine, so as to prolong its working efficiency and increase the use time.

Finally, use strict rules, using peanut picker can not operate, should according to the peanut picking fruit confidential in accordance with the instructions for operation, to avoid damaging parts, reduce its use life.

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