Choose and purchase automatic fire - free brick machine

- Feb 02, 2018 -

In the construction industry and the road and other industries, the use of a large number of free brick.

As the mainstream product of brick, the demand for this is very high in the market.

Therefore, more and more enterprises are producing brick - free brick machines.

The production quality of the free brick machine on the market is uneven. When choosing a brick machine, pay attention to the actual production situation and the strength of the manufacturer.

1. Do not only look at the price, but also the quality and service of the products.

2. To see the strength of the manufacturer that provides the equipment, on the one hand, it refers to the manufacturer's production capacity and scale, on the other hand, whether there are a large number of successful cases for reference.

3, baking-free brick technology is feasible, I will contact with some factories, from equipment installation and commissioning, after two or three months failed to make a piece of brick, is to make brick, brick indicators also could not reach the requirements of the state.

4, many manufacturers are now advocating, said its own do hollow brick equipment can also be by changing the mold to produce solid brick, in theory, but in fact hollow brick equipment by changing mould can produce different specifications of the hollow brick, brick, etc., on foot but cannot produce qualified solid brick, our brick machine mainly by the solid brick production development, change the mould can produce the quality of other type brick.

5. Now there are a lot of free brick companies. When choosing a brick free brick machine, try to visit the production workshop of the company to see if the company has any production qualification.

When choosing a brick free brick machine, you can refer to the purchase and purchase notice we introduced. We hope that the content of our introduction can help you to buy a good quality free brick machine.

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